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03.05.2020 | Cash for gold

Get a cash for gold

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12.28.2015 |

Struve Geodetic Arc blocks

The Struve Geodetic Arc blocks arrived in excellent condition today. Thank you!

11.20.2013 |

South Caucasus stamps

Shipment with new stamps from the South Caucasus region has arrived to Sweden. Thank you!

07.04.2012 |

good luck

Thanks to the web administrator for the good work

10.14.2010 | chmoz

to Mr. Hermann

Dear Herman,
Thank you for your reply.
1. You have decided not to confirm the origin of the name Ukraphil other than to state that you made it up. Fair enough, for as you pointed out you live in a free society and that of course is your right, but to an outsider it is very easy to come to the conclusion that it is an abbreviation of Ukraine(ian) Philately.
2. You go to great lengths to state that you write in the languages you choose. I have no argument with that and it is not my place to tell you what to do. I simply posed the simple question - why don't you write in Ukrainian, since you live in a country called Ukraine and there are no doubt people who would prefer to read in their national language.
Further, as previously written, I commend you in providing your site in 4 languages, catering for a wide international audience.
3. I really do not understand the innuendo you raise about 'western enterprises'. I am an ordinary person with zero affiliation to any organization, be it political or anything else. I am simply a philatelist and for your information I do not live in the USA. I do agree that you can write whatever you want on your own website. This is a principle that citizens of western countries have always been able to do.
4. I appreciate your point that you have seen great changes in Ukraine over the 30 years of your life. You have witnessed the transition from a communist state to an independent nation. It is obvious that you are enjoying the fruits of independence. May you live in peace in your independent Ukraine forever, without the influences of other nations, political ideologies, regimes, people or religious interference.
5. As to your final point about Ukrainians and Russians, unfortunately, here I must disagree with you.
They are not the same people. Sure, Muscovy was founded by a Rus prince in the 12th century, but that is where it ends. Unfortunately over the centuries events, invasions, political greed, imperial arrogance (etc) has created a Russian mentality of superiority. To this day they believe in their dominance over other people. The world can clearly see Russia’s continuing attempts to undermine and destroy the Rus/Ukrainian people, their language, traditions, religion and culture. Why would they do that if they were the same people?
If there is one thing I suggest you do, it is to study an independent history of both Ukraine and Russia so you can see what the reality is.
I conclude again by congratulating you on a well presented philatelic website. I look forward to often using is as a reference.

10.14.2010 | Hermann

to Mr. Chmoz

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your comment. To me it is very pleasant that you sometimes visit a site and are interested in news of philately of republics of the former USSR.
I can't accept your reproaches for some reasons:
1. We are not state and not party structure, but private persons, we live in a free society and we consider possible to name ourselves how we will want. Therefore the site is called as UkraFil. We state own judgements and remarks according to own understanding, instead of we address for councils to foreigners. We write in those languages on which it is more convenient to read to visitors from the different countries, including from republics of the former USSR.
2. I don't give councils to foreign citizens and owners of the western enterprises and Internet resources, what in what language to write on the sites. Also I do not need helps from abroad as about what me to write on own Internet resource.
3. You, dear sir, specify in the foreign residence. Also consider that because of ocean understand life in Ukraine is better I is a person who has lived in Ukraine last 30 years and has passed all stages of formation of statehood in the country and together with it, instead of from abroad, giving a useless advice to the foolish politicians getting wages from the American state.
4. I don't consider basic a difference between Kiev and Moscow, also as well as between Russian and Ukrainians since I consider these nationalities as the uniform people generated in the medieval state the Kiev Russ and by history will and criminal acts of politicians’ people divided by frontiers.

I thank you for the shown interest, for your personal judgement and for criticism to the Internet resource, voluntary and disinterestedly representing the interests to Kiev Philatelic Society.

10.14.2010 | chmoz


Congratulations Ukrphil on the local, regional and international interest shown in and the growth of your website.
As an English speaking philatelist I find the information very convenient, up-to-date, extremely interesting, and at times fascinatingly contentious with the views expressed and extrapolated by the author when examining the reasons behind certain issues.

However, I am puzzled on a few points:
1. Your organization is called Ukrphil, which I can only presume is an abbreviation of "Ukrainian Philately", or similar - is this correct?
2. How is it then that as you are based in the capital of Ukraine you use the "Russian" transliteration 'Kiev 'rather than the correct transliteration of 'Kyiv' as found in your country's Constitution? It's like me writing "Muskow" instead of "Moscow", "Lundun" instead of "London", etc.
3. Your site offers a choice of 4 languages, but not Ukrainian - yet you are based in Ukraine. Are there no Ukrainian-speakers visiting your website? You are based in Ukraine, aren't you? Or do you force them to read a foreign language? It is like Germans being forced to read Spanish from their philatelic club in Berlin.
(mind you, it is very commendable that you do offer other languages for international visitors)
4. In your text you refer to "all Russian speaking and other readers" - again, you are based in Ukraine - don't any of the philatelists attending the 'Kiev' Society of Philatelists or this website speak or read Ukrainian?

I have actually had the privilege of attending meetings of your organization at the Institute of Physical Culture at Fizkulturnyi-1 when I visited Ukraine and Kyiv about 2 years ago. There I met many Ukrainian-speaking philatelists as well as Russian and a few other languages. No one was embarrassed to speak Ukrainian.

I am disappointed that you avoid identifying and proclaiming your national identity - it is Ukrainian isn't it?
You are no doubt a legal citizen of Ukraine and are based in 'Kyiv', and not elsewhere.
Or do you position yourself as Russian?
If Russian, then maybe your organization should be called 'Russfil' rather than Ukrphil and move to Moscow.

We in the West are not embarrassed by our respective national identities and respect all other nations.
Unfortunately you seem to be embarrassed by your own national identity.
I find that a great shame.

Please accept this criticism in the spirit it was given - as constructive criticism.

I conclude by again congratulating you on an informative philatelic website - may you continue to expand.
I wish you continuing success.

09.01.2010 | Robert

The nice site

Cool site
Thank you!!!

12.05.2009 | Fabio

Stamps former USSR

Very nice site. Many thanks

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