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How long do you collect the stamps?
  More than 10 years 
  34.15%  (14)
  More than 5 years 
  21.95%  (9)
  From 1 year to 5 years 
  19.51%  (8)
  Going to get excited about philately 
  12.20%  (5)
  Less than a year 
  9.76%  (4)
  Do not collect stamps 
  2.44%  (1)
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Questions to the Manager

The site administration receives many messages with inquiries as about of electronic shop and the prices for materials of a different kind, and with the questions connected with contents of a site and its navigation.
Abundantly clear, that not each visitor knows how to ask the question interesting to him and for whom and what way it can be addressed. Therefore the Administration considers necessary to place it on a site to bring corresponding explanations.
Visitors can set the questions to Managers
as follows:
1. Through e-mail, which names are given in section "Contacts" of the Main menu.
2. By means of the feedback form (section "Contacts" of the Main menu).
3. Through section of the menu "Question-answer" (the orange menu below).
4. To state the wishes, claims, parting words, to leave a response in section "Guest book" (the orange menu below).
To set questions, to set the task, discuss interesting themes with other visitors of a site it is possible through sections "Forum" (the orange menu below).
To state own opinion, to share supervision, researches, reflexions on any themes is possible through section "Blog" (the orange bottom menu). 
To submit the announcement of purchase, sale, an exchange and so forth so that they were accessible to any visitors of a site – necessary to address in section "Bulletin board" (the orange menu below).
All wishes of each of visitors of a site will be in details studied. On any inquiry as much as possible qualified and thought over answer will be given.


Price lists

In E-Shop UkraFil the first price lists are placed. Meanwhile they concern only provisional issues of Ukraine and former USSR region's which had the circulation in 1992-95. All prices are specified in Euros.
To look through the given price lists it is necessary to enter into section of the main menu "the Price lists" (the blue menu above) to press the chosen file and, or to open it directly on a site, or to load on the computer.
At order formation it is necessary to specify the article of the chosen material and to send its code by electronic message on the address of the Manager. In occasion of any questions, as concerning materials from electronic shop or the prices for it – apply to the Manager in any way of the communication which described in section "Contacts" of the Main menu.
Welcome with your questions and orders!


The receiving of the subscription

The UkraFil Company opens new service - a receiving of the subscription service by post issues of the countries of the former USSR which include: stamps, blocks, small and special sheets, booklets, envelopes of First Day and with the original stamp, post cards, maximum cards and other production of post administrations of the former Soviet republics.
Wishing to subscribe for subscription service by issues of the countries of the former USSR it is necessary to find in section "Files" (the orange menu from below) the name "Subscription" to start a file directly on a site or to load it on the computer.
In the form it is need to fill the necessary columns on the countries and on subjects, having specified necessary quantity of copies of issues, having noted features (so for example, block of four, stamp with a margin or from a sheet corner etc.). In a case when besides the basic material it is desirable to receive a rarity (tests, errors, imperforated etc.), about it also it is necessary to inform in the column "Special marks".
After registration of the form of the subscription it is necessary to keep its electronic copy and to send its e-mail on the site address
The given service will allow owners of the subscription faster and more effectively to complete up the collection with new issues.
The administration wishes all visitors of a site of the big creative successes and lucky finds on a philately field!


The Rare Sheets

To attention of Visitors!

On site are present the images of rare sheets from Tajikistan 1996 "Hudjandi" TJ00047 and TJ00049, 2001 "Chess" TJ00077 and Estonia 2002 "University of Tartu" EE00211. Now these sheets can be seen personally only in few collections. Look at least at pictures, having come in corresponding rubric has undressed the Catalogue.


Collectors Clubs

To attention of collectors!
Since August, 3rd 2009 on site UkraFil has opened the new section "Cooperation" (the bottom "orange" menu), intended for the information on all clubs of collectors in general see and philatelists, in particular, which are held by meetings in territory of the former USSR.
The section works while only in the Russian version.
Data on clubs in Kiev and Moscow is at present brought. However the section will replenish with data and on other cities, regions and republics. Watch updatings!
If you wish, that about club of collectors from your city have learnt everywhere write to the Manager of a site of UkraFil the electronic message in which specify the following data:
- A place a club arrangement, the name and its orientation in the field of a collecting;
- The exact address (street, the house, an entrance, a floor etc.);
- Days of week and time of meetings of collectors;
- A way of journey to a place of meetings public transport from ж.д. Or road service stations;
The arrived information will be checked up and published on a site. You will help other people to find you in an unfamiliar city and will help itself to find colleagues on hobby from many other cities and the countries.

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