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Russia. "Victims" have no claims

Beginning 2012 one Russian specialized philately press interviewed among readers on subject "Worst postage issue of Russia past year". As it is absurd look but the majority of respondents the worst stamps 2011 called a series " Decorative Art, Lace". The choice appeared so strange, as far as also unfair.

On the 4 triangular values are presented the images of the traditional Russian laces executed in an inimitable manner of masters of Vologda, Vyatka, Yelets and Beletsk. The stamps published in blocks of four are printed in such manner that the mini sheet creates a complete image of a peculiar national lace.

The problem for the Russian designers, engineers and technologists appeared much more difficult than it was represented to them initially. To transfer the thinnest details of laces, image relief, variety of shades, uniqueness of drawing to the most modern typographical equipment established on GoZnak it appeared not under force.

In the manufacture of stamps was applied printing technology of offset and metallography with use of the silver powder which drawing created the thinnest volume pattern. However, the printing of stamps wasn't successful, as silvery paint was showered and from it drawing turned out poor quality. Production was tightened, the part of edition should be written off in defect. The stamps issue, which has been initially planned by Russian post for November 30, it was necessary to postpone for 2 weeks.

The printers were compelled reconciled to the helplessness. To use of similar technology of the printing they appeared aren't ready. Therefore, to avoid problems with the customer, which is the Russian post, and without wishing to break a new termination date of work, the GoZnak experts gave out production which part appeared sub-standard, The evident typographical defects were destroyed, however, some part of poor-quality production was transferred to the customer.

From time to time philatelists find essential distinctions in patterns of laces, in details of drawings, and also printing errors which meet on stamps of this issue. Similar cases could be carried to expenses of high technologies if it didn't concern objects of a collecting where each "trifle" has essential value. However, happy owners of versions have no claims to printers.


Russia. The souvenir sets

In July, 2012 for two postage issues made by the Publishing trade center “Marka” was published the souvenir sets cover: sheetlet and stamps placed in mounts and the First Day covers:
- 75 years to record transpolar flight.
Designer - A.Povarikhin.
Edition - 1500 copies.

- Modenr Art of Russia.
Edition - 750 copies.

The souvenir sets in artly cover are already on sale in E-shop “UkraFil”.


Moldova. "Luchaferul"

"Luchaferul" in translation from Moldavian language means "Morning star". By such nickname the contemporaries have allocated Mihai Eminesku.
On June 15, 2012 the Moldova post published a series of 6 pre-paid postcards devoted to the known figure of the Moldavian-Romanian literature Mihai Eminesku with the photographic images of the poet monuments established in the various cities of Moldova. The issue registration - A.Korniyenko. Edition - 1500 copies.

- Kishinev, Established in 1996. Sculptor Tudor Kataraga.

- Ungen, Established in 1994. Sculptor John Zderchuk.

- Leova, Established in 1995. Sculptor Alexander Pikunov.

- Khancheshta, Established in 2003.

- Edintsa, Established in 2008. Sculptor Victor Nita.

- Faleshta, Established in 1992. Sculptor Dmitry Gorshkovsky..


Transnistria. Reconciliation of the irreconcilables

From July 26 to July 29, 2012 in Tiraspol, Bendery and other transnistrian cities will take place the festive events devoted to the 20 anniversary of peacekeeping operation in Transnistria. Military-political operation with participation of the Russian military contingent in PMR allowed providing peace life in the region, to stabilize a social situation, to pass to search a peace dialogue of warring parties of Transnistria and Moldova.

The order of the Government of the Transnistria Republic from July 15, 2012 among the actions dated for the 20 anniversary of peacekeeping operation, planned the issues of a memorable coin and the postage stamp edition. But if the coin manufacturing in so short term is represented a problem insoluble, so to prepare the sketches of stamp and cancel and to print the total edition of postage issue for new, healthy and ambitious staff of the enterprise "Marka Pridnestrovya" is quite on forces.

The sketch of postage issue is approved by the Minister of Communications. The expected edition of stamp is 8100 copies. One of the state printing houses in Bendery undertakes to execute the order for full edition of issue during the next few two days. The solemn presentation of stamp and carrying out the First Day cancelation are appointed to morning of Sunday July 29, 2012.


Belarus. Stamps of September

In September, 2012 the enterprise of post service "Belpochta" will issue the following stamps:

- September, 8 - 75th anniversary of fire фтв rescue sports in Belarus.

- September, 17 - 100th birth anniversary of Maxim Tank.


Russia. The post "B"

In July, 2012 the Russian Post issued the following pre-paid postcards of face value "B":
- Great Novgorod. Novgorod Kremlin. Monument "Millennium of Russia".
Designer: H. Betretdinova.
Edition: 8 thousand copies.

- Arkhangelsk region. 55 years of the Plesetsk Spaceport. Carrier rocket "Soyuz-2"
Designer O. Shushlebina.
Edition: 13 thousand copies.

- Samara. All-Russia festival of the bard song named Valeny Grushin.
Designer: E.Shilova.
Edition: 20,6 thousand copies.


Azerbaijan. On diplomacy edge

In July, 2012 the state enterprise of post service of "Azemarka" published 2 pre-paid postcards devoted to the important foreign policy events from the world of preventive diplomacy.
- 20 anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Cuba.

- 20 anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova.

Postcards published in edition of 10 thousand copies it’s possible to buy then in electronic shop “UkraFil”. The price of one card is 2 EUR. It is necessary to send request for acquisition by email to the website manager to address specified in section "Contacts".


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