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Belarus. Where post, there holiday

On June 25, 2012 the enterprise of post service "Belpochta" published a pre-paid card «625 anniversary of the first mention of Bobruysk city».
Bobruysk city is one of the oldest cities of Belarus. The first mention of the city belongs to 1387. More than six and quarter centuries left in the biography of city on Berezina many events and facts, worthy respect and admiration. The Bobruysk fortress is the unique work of defensive architecture of the first half of the XIX century.
Artist of card and special cancel: Ekaterina Priyemko.
Edition - 50 thousand copies.

On July 15, 2012 the Ministry of Communications and information of Republic of Belarus issued a pre-paid card "Pruzhany town".
Artist of card and special cancel Anna Romanovskaya.
Edition - 100 thousand copies.

From July 12 to July 18, 2012 took place the XXI International festival of arts «A Slavic Bazar in Vitebsk». For this event the enterprise "Belpochta" prepared an artly pre-paid envelope with the alphabetic value "A".
Decorating of cover: E.Medved.
Edition - 50 thousand copies.


Russia. May, June, July

On May 10, 2012 the Russian Post introduced into circulation a postage pre-paid envelope devoted to the 125 anniversary of poet Igor Severyanin (Lotarev) (1887-1941).
Design: O. Pryadkina.
Edition: 500 thousand copies.

In June, 2012 the Russian post issued a pre-paid postcard to the 125 anniversary of the Great Patriotic War commander, twice Hero of the Soviet Union S. A. Kovpak (1887-1967).
Design: R. Komsa.
Edition: 12 thousand copies.

On July 10, 2012 the Russian post introduced into circulation a pre-paid postcard devoted to the 100 anniversary of actor of the Soviet cinema N. Gritsenko (1912-1979).
Design: A.Moskovets.
Edition: 12 thousand copies.


"Belpochta" in August

In August, 2012 the state enterprise of post service "Belpochta" plans to issue the following stamps:

- August. 1st - 150 years of the Belarusian railway

- date specified - Municipal arms of Glubokoye and Gorki


Moldova. From Baltic to the Balkans

On July 1st, 2012 at the main post office of Kishinev city is presented a postage pre-paid envelope devoted to the 110 anniversary of Nikolay Moroshan (1902-1944) - geologist and archeologist.
Design: Elena Karachentseva.
Face value of stamp - 1.20 Lei.
Envelope edition - 10 thousand copies.

On July 7, 2012 in post office of Komrat town there passed presentation of a postage pre-paid envelope devoted to the 90 anniversary of Dionysius Tarasogla (1922-2006) - musician, writer, translator on gagauz language.
Design: Oleg Kozhokar.
Face value of stamp - 1.20 Lei.
Envelope edition - 10 thousand copies.

On July 10, 2012 at the main post office of Kishinev city took place the international action for official issue of a pre-paid cover "20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Moldova and Lithuania".
Design: Vitaly Pogoltsa.
Face value - 4.20 Lei.
Envelope edition - 10 thousand copies.



Ukraine. Acting lessons

On May 11, 2012 in day of arrival to Ukraine the European football trophy at the Kiev main post office took place the festive representation of the first official ukrainian postage issue devoted to carrying out the Cup of Europe on football. It was the poisonous-violet block with the image of a silver pot with a flower ornament of the Euro-2012 tournament. Information on issue is presented on website "UkraFil" in news from May 10, 2012.
In interview to electronic mass media and in comments to participants of action "Ukrposhta's" ranking officers enthusiastically responded about postage novelty and generously shared own opinion concerning the iridescent prospects opening before the Ukrainian philately in connection with carrying out EURO 2012. "Ukrpochta's" general director Oksana Plotnikova efficiently declared: "The stamps are executed in the highly artistic design decision and approved of UEFA. I hope, they will be estimated not only admirers, but also collectors because this series is official production of UEFA and will glorify the football European championship of 2012 for the whole world".

The deputy director of Donetsk management "Ukrpochta" Alexey Pushkin noted: «Buying a stamp today, in some years you or your children can gain for it quite good money. Also the good incentive to acquire the goods somewhat quicker should serve the limited edition of postage block».
The director of the Dnepropetrovsk management of "Ukrpochta" Irina Kilchinskaya in interview to local TV channel responsibly reported: "Every year such stamp will be more expensive and is more expensive, can pass from father to son and have the history".
"It not simply stamps, is attributes which have original value within the project of Euro 2012. I am grateful to the enterprise Ukrposhta for their initiative with creation of this stamp",
- such message to journalists was sent by the honourable participant of ceremony of cancelation of the block head Dnepropetrovsk regional council Evgeni Udod.

According to one anonymous expert from "Ukrposhta: "Rather small circulation can make this stamp a collection rarity that substantially will lift its cost among philatelists".
On June 25, 2012 the Ukrainian post said goodbye to EURO 2012. With participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine the Minister of infrastructure Boris Kolesnikov the presentation of final issue took place was the postage block «Ukraine welcomes Euro 2012». News is on website "Ukrafil from June 26, 2012.

Relatively the last edition "Ukrpochta's" the General director Oksana Plotnikova stated literally the following: "The purpose of post officers is to cause in children interest to philately. Good incentive for this purpose is unforgettable football events which now pass in Ukraine. "Ukrpochta's" social initiative should prove to the Ukrainian children, their parents and all guests of a holiday that the Ukrainian stamp is cool! What the stamp can, as the athlete, to establish records! What to collect stamps it is cheerful, interesting and it is useful. Collecting stamps, children join history, art, cultural and sports life of the country".

The administration "UkraFil" will refrain from own comments and invites visitors of site to speak in detail concerning statements of the Ukrainian post functionaries.


Private messages

On website “UkraFil” is established tested and debugged a new useful option! Now users of website can conduct personal correspondence with each other by exchange of text messages and graphics.
The personal messages are latent from public viewing and are available only from a personal account. Number of messages which can be sent and received are beyond all bounds.
For service work it is necessary to execute the following actions:
1. To be registered on site as user. The top (grey) menu - "Registration".
2. If you already are registered user it’s necessary to enter into the section "Personnal study" through the option "Access" (to enter login and password).
3. Press login of the user noted by dark blue color to which wish to send the message and in the opened menu press an option «Compose message». In the opened form type the necessary text and press “Send” button.
4. Or in " Personnal study " choose the section "Private messages", find the button «Compose message» and in the opened form find the desirable nikname, type the necessary text and send the private message.
5. Website automatically notifies you on obtaining the message by e-mail.
Get to know a new option installed on website "UkraFil" and pleasant communication.


Russia. From Yakutsk city to Algeria

In June, 2012 the Russian Federation post issued the following pre-paid postcards by face value letter "B":
- 380 years to Orthodoxy in Yakutia. Yakutsk city. The Gradoyakutsky Nikolsky Temple.
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Edition: 8,5 thousand copies.

- Yakutsk city. All-Russian philatelic exhibition "Orthodoxy and culture".
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Edition: 8,5 thousand copies.

- 50 years to the diplomatic relations between Russia and Algeria.
Designer: M. Rastorguev.
Edition: 5 thousand copies.


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