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Estonia. The leather ball

On June 6, 2012 the Estonian post issued a pre-paid card devoted to the European Football youthful (till 19 years) championship.
Artist of card and special cancel Indrek Ilves.



Ukraine. "Chao, bambino"

Today, on July 1, 2012 by final match at Olimpic stadium in Kiev between Italian national teams and Spainian team the main football holiday of the European four years - EURO 2012 comes to the end. With closing of the European championship "Ukrposhta's" program according to the edition of signs of post payment on football subject comes to the end also. The analysis of results of activity of ranking officers of mail on preparation for EURO 2012 still is necessary, however intermediate results are quite obvious.


So, directly to EURO 2012 the enterprise of post service "Ukrposhta" didn't find time to publish any pre-paid envelope, postcard or card. Four special pre-paid covers was issued in 2011 and 2012 named "Ukraine is football power" have no direct relation to the Europe Championship.


The Ukrainian postage production is executed at defiantly low art level, in any way doesn't reflect idea of popularity and mass character of football in Ukraine, its achievements in sport and traditions. Moreover the postage editions form idea of the lowest level of development of the Ukrainian football cultivated or in the form of children's domestic leisure or in the form of folklore characters.


Website “UkraFil” represents some pre-paid postage envelopes which are executed according to sketches of the Ukrainian artists brothers Alexander and Sergey Haruks. The sketches of postage issues rejected by the guide of "Ukrposhta" best of all correspond to spirit and the maintenance of Europe football holiday and without problems could be realized as post and souvenir products to EURO 2012.

The management of philately on "Ukrposhta" owing to low professional level didn't attend to the solution of this problem. A question which is demanding neither serious financial expenses, nor special technical and technological solutions, but promising high economic returns in the shortest terms. Mass character, availability and rather low this sort of cost of post production would guarantee not only high profitability to the enterprise of a mail service, but also world fame to Ukraine, as to the football power.

However, the enchanting statement of one "charismatic" worker of "Ukrposhta" sorts things out: «Better to do nothing and there will be no trouble».


Russia. Post and photo

In June, 2012 the Russian post issued the following postage art bilateral pre-paid postcards stamped "V":
- 425 years to Tobolsk city.
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Photo: L.Sosnina.
Edition: 11,2 thousand copies.

- IX Pskov sailing Regatta. Class of racing Star yachts
Designer H.Betretdinova.
Photo: Y.Solovyeva.
Edition: 5,7 thousand copies.

- Vote in Tula region! (logo of the selective company of Tula region).
Photo, design: Irina Aleksandrina, Victor Sumarokov.
Edition: 5,8 thousand copies.


Russia. Anniversaries

In May-June, 2012 the Publishing Trade center “Marka” presented the following souvenir sets in cover:
- 150 years of painter M.V.Nesterov (1862-1942).
Design of cover - O. Ivanov.
Design of block - E.Sapunova.
Edition - 1000 copies

- 100 years to the State museum of Fine Arts A.S. Pushkin.
Designer - H. Betredinova.
Edition - 1000 copies.

- 75 years to the first transpolar non-stop flight.
Designer - A.Povarikhin.
Edition - 1500 copies.

The souvenir sets in cover come on sale in E-shop “UkraFil” soon.


Moldova. "La Paloma, adieu"

The pigeons are sacred birds for many ancient religions. The white pigeon is considered the messenger of Venus, which is the "kind" bird bringing good luck. The pigeon is also a symbol of Israel. In the Old Testament it means simplicity, inoffensiveness, innocence, mildness. Muslims treat pigeons carefully and respectfully. Christians have a pigeon as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The pigeon is presented on an emblem of Knights of Graal. At Egyptians it symbolizes innocence, at Greeks is love and life renewal.

On June 21, 2012 the Moldavian post presented the postage issue "Pigeons of Moldova". And also it were prepared a set of 4 maximum cards with the “First Day" cancel.
The Moldavian philatelists - fauna fans – also in individual prepared some different types of the "pigeon" maximum carts canceled by the official "First day" cancel.

The Paloma with an olive branch is symbol of the world and life updating. The pigeon with a palm branch means a victory over death. White pigeon is a symbol of the rescued soul. The pigeons on rod symbolize the believers who have found shelter in the Christ.


Russia. Cards "B"

In May, 2012 the Russian post issued the following postcards with letter "B":
- "Keeping the past - we create the future". Penza city.
Edition: 6 thousand copies.

- G.I. Petrov (1912-1987), professor of the Moscow State University, first director of Institute of space researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Edition: 5,2 thousand copies.

- Rostov Region. Taganrog city. 200 years of Victory of Russia in the Patriotic war 1812.
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Photo: S. Rakochy.
Edition: 6 thousand copies.

- May 24 - The Day of Slavic writing and culture. Moscow. Monument to Kirill and Mefodiy. Work of sculptor V. Klykov.
Designer: A.Moskovets.
Edition: 7 thousand copies.

- 200 anniversary of Victory of Russia in the Patriotic war 1812. Memorial bust to the Army ataman of Don army M.I.Platonov.
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Edition: 6 thousand copies.

- The Ulyanovsk regional local museum I.A.Goncharov.
Designer: H.Betretdinova.
Photo: Y.Rovensky.
Edition: 8 thousand copies.


Ukraine. A letter to the Turkish Sultan

Some time ago the Ukrainian artists brothers Alexander and Sergey Haruks created some projects of postage issues with the image of world famous monuments of an antique civilization and the culture, located in the territory of modern Ukraine. In particular, they developed sketches of the postage blocks devoted to the Ancient Greek and Byzantian states "Bospor kingdom" and "Chersonese Taurian".


Bospor kingdom - the antique state known from the Greek-Roman historians in Northern Black Sea Coast on Bospor Cimmerian (Kerch Strait). The capital - Panticapaeum. It was formed about 480 BC as a result of association of the Greek cities on Kerch and Taman’ peninsulas, late was expanded along Meotida east coast (the modern. Azov Sea) to Tanais's (Don) mouth. Since the end of the II century BC as a part of the Pont kingdom. Since the end of the I century BC the post-Hellenistic state dependent of Rome. Then was a part of Byzantium in the 1st half the VI century.


Chersonese Taurian (ancient Greek Χερσόνησος - the peninsula; during the Byzantian time - Kherson, during the Genoa period - Sarsona, in Russian chronicles - Korsun) - the city (policy) founded by ancient Greeks on the Gerakleya peninsula on the southwest coast of the Crimea. Nowadays Chersonese is located in the territory of the city of Sevastopol. Throughout two thousand years Chersonese was the large political, economic and cultural center of Northern Black Sea Coast.

Unfortunately, the "Ukrposhta's" ranking officers rejected vigorously the proposal of artists according to the edition of these postage issues motivating with lack of a historical link between Ancient Greek culture both moustached and bearded Cossacks and Galicians. However, friendly, recommended addressing with a written proposition in Embassies of Greece or Byzantium. Further comments are excessive.


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