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At the website “UkraFil” forum the visitors created some new subjects which contents will draw close attention not only collectors, but also functionaries. Those workers who is directly connected with activity of the “Ukrposhta” enterprise and other national post administrations of the republics of the former USSR. Viewing of hot topics of Forum located in the right part of website is available from any page of the resource or from the bottom (orange) menu.
The administration "UkraFil" offers all wishing to take part in discussion of problems of modern mail and philately. Welcome!



The philately website "UkraFil" carries out quiz among site visitors on subject "What postage issues of the republics of the former USSR or other countries of the world you collect?"
The subject of poll is in the left part of the main page and is available from any page of site. Take part in poll any wishing can. It will be possible to vote only once. To look at intermediate results of vote it is necessary to enter in the bottom (orange) menu into the section "Polls". Results of vote will be brought on September 1, 2012.
Hurry to participate!


Moldova. The wine for bravery

On June 1, 2012 at the central post office of Kishinev city is officially introduced into circulation. the post pre-paid envelope devoted to the 130 anniversary of George Botezat (1882-1940) - mathematics teachers, known inventor, pioneer of helicopter structure.
Face value - 1.20 Lei.
Envelope edition - 10 000 copies.

On June 2, 2012 in post office of Stavchen town took place the solemn presentation of postage pre-paid envelope "170 anniversary of the basis of National college of wine growing and winemaking".
Face value - 1.20 Lei.
Envelope edition - 15 000 copies.


Estonia. Singing behind a steering wheel

On April 21, 2012 the post of Estonia issued a pre-paid card devoted to the century of man's chorus of Tartu academy.
Artist of a card and special cancel: Indrek Ilves.

On May 11, 2012 by the Estonia post is issued a pre-[aid postcard devoted to Estonian sea museum and a seaplane Harbor.
Artist of a card and special cancel Indrek Ilves.


Moldova. Post in May

On May 24, 2012 on the occasion of opening to the international philatelic exhibition "Balkanfil 2012" the Moldavian post issues an artly pre-paid cover. On stamp is represented the exhibition emblem, on cover are designated the participating countries of exhibition and the envelopes of the Moldova First Day.

On May 28, 2012 within the joint project with Azerbaijan the Moldova post issued a postage pre-paid envelope "20 anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Azerbaijani Republic».
Face value - 4.50 Lei.
Envelope edition - 10 000 copies.


Belarus. The June heat

In June, 2012 the state enterprise of post service "Belpochta" is going to publish the following postage issues:

- June. 20 - Joint issue Belarus - Kazakhstan. Hedgehogs

- June. 25 - Joint issue Belarus - Russia. Newts


Ukraine. Poster art

On October 1, 2011 in electronic mass media of Ukraine there was a message: "Today in Kiev took place the International conference "Ukraine - EU: on a way to the uniform energy market", devoted to questions of deepening cooperation of Ukraine and the European Union in the sphere of power and implementation of joint infrastructure projects, and also modernization of the gas transport system of Ukraine".
Since only half a year of very few people remembers, where took place and how this action ended. With a certain confidence it is possible to argue only that anybody from the dedicated collectors doesn't know that this event could become an object of the Ukrainian philately.

For September 29, 2011 is planned the opening of the international conference "Ukraine - EU: on a way to the uniform energy market". To this event it was entrusted to mail of Ukraine to publish the post block. Artists Alexander and Sergey Haruk developed some projects of post issue. The image of block was approved personally by Minister of Fuel and Energy Yuri Boiko. For time to development of design, the statement and the press it was allocated less than a month.

As it’s accepted all most responsible tasks, and the most difficult works in Ukraine were carried out in an emergency order. Having a presentiment of possible punishment for action failure, "Ukrpochta's" guide, referring to high load, obligations to customers, production discipline and other nonsense, at the last minute participation in action refused.

But it offered alternative. To use the issue "Ukraine" of the project "Photo stamp" as the official post publication dated for the international conference. In some hours at "Personaly stamp" office in the Kiev main post office some sheets have been printed with various plots "something such" were printed that concerns the Ukrainian power.

To the participants and guests of conference from a host as a souvenir were supposed to hand over a sheet "Photo stamp". However instead of it organizers gave issued arty poster in a bagetny frame - a collage of specific work with echoes of initial idea and the image "Personaly stamp". Where the sheets prepared for action "Photo stamp" anybody distinctly were gone to explain not can exactly. Evaporated!

Now the foreign guests arriving to Ukraine for carrying out various political, cultural and sporting events are interested in stamps poorly. "Ukrposhta's" production lost the urgency, appeal and identity. To philatelists just right to throw the albums and instead of post editions to be switched to collecting of other type of printed matter - information and propaganda materials: it is practical, cheaply, available. And art execution is much higher. The poster in Ukraine now – the most important of arts!


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